Thinking about an Anthropology of Care (Minpaku)

As part of a collaborative project at Minpaku on care in anthropology with a focus on Southeast Asia, Japan and Europe, I will talk, once more, about how experiment and care fold into each other in clinical trials across Hungary and Japan. I have written and presented about this both in Japanese and in English, but most listeners are very skeptic to these ideas. I’m sure I’ll have a hard time, again.

Thinking about an Anthropology of Care: A Discussion with F. Aulino and J. Danely (Minpaku)

Time: Saturday/Sunday, Dec 9-10, 2017
Place: National Museum of Ethnology, Seminar Room
Organiser: Akiko Mori (Minpaku)
  1. Akiko Mori (National Museum of Ethnology): “Introduction: Why does an anthropology of care arouse our interest?”
  2. Jason Danely (Oxford Brookes University): “Care as emotions and ethics: toward a cross-cultural comparative and approach”
  3. Erika Takahashi (Chiba University): “The logic of optimized care”
  4. Felicity Aulino (University of Massachusetts Amherst): “Toward a critical phenomenology of care”
  5. Gergely Mohacsi (Osaka University): “Experiments with care: between bench and bedside”


『思想』エドゥアルド・ヴィヴェイロス・デ・カストロ特集号に寄稿したエッセイが刊行。VdCへの歓喜…と思ったら…ちょっと違います。実は、「糖尿病」と「ミミズ」をつなげて、いや、互いに畳み込み合え、代謝の効果を考え続けるという内容(よく分からないと思ってる方、ぜひエッセーを読んでみてください)。特集全体もややこだわった試みです。フランスと日本とブラジルを結びつけることで、哲学を人類学するような試行錯誤。檜垣立哉先生、 山崎吾郎さん、そして編集部のみなさま、お誘い・特集の編集、ありがとうございました!

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