Mohacsi Gergely

Associate Professor
Graduate School of Human Sciences
Osaka University 

this is an experimental site mostly about my research activities, my unfocused and eclectic interests in anthropologies, bodies, japan, medicine, food, jazz, other/worlds and probably many other things that i encounter in the future. most stuff is in english, but there you will find some things in hungarian or japanese (depending on the topic and my mood) representing an unremarkable life split between hungarian roots, japanese libidos and english liminalities. i am, for the moment, an associate professor at osaka university conducting ethnographic research on the social-ecological impact of medicine and healthcare in what me and many of my colleagues call the anthropocene. some of these studies had been revolving around the embodied cultural landscapes of technoscience and medicine in contemporary japan with a special focus on diabetes and the production of knowledges that surround it from eating habits in hokkaido to global circuits of clinical research. more recently, i have been developing a project to investigate the co-constitution of things and values in the development and use of herbal medications in japan and southeast asia and the environmental footprint of public health, in more general. the website, therefore is primarily an outline and blueprint of my life and research that i’ve been doing over the past years in tokyo, hokkaido, nara, balatonfüred, hanoi and elsewhere.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the contents of this page: mohacska [at] me [dot] com