Infrastructure & Politics of Cohabitation (University of Toronto)

After the RESPECT summer school has finished, I’ll stay in Toronto for a couple of days more for this international workshop held jointly by UofT and Osaka University. The line-up is really exciting. I wonder how all these ideas around kyōsei resonate with the work done to infrastructure during the past couple of years by my colleagues and friends in Osaka. My talk, “Gardening the Future: On the cultivation of herbal medicines and planetary health” will deal with the multispecies entanglements of plants and humans through a comparison of two different experimental sites of herbal medications in Nara, Japan and Hanoi, Vietnam.

Visible & Invisible: An Open Workshop on Infrastructure & Politics of Cohabitation (University of Toronto)

Time: Monday, May 8, 2017, 9:30-16:30
Place: University of Toronto, Anthropology Building, AP 246
Organisers: Keiichi Omura, Shiho Satsuka, Bronwyn Frey, Brenton Buchanan & Johanna Pokorny
Participants: Michelle Murphy x Gergely Mohacsi; Andrea Muehlebach x Moe Nakazora; Bonnie McElhinny x Goro Yamazaki; Joshua Barker x Sho Morishita; with Atsuro Morita & Grant Otsuki


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