Organic Metaphors in Technoscience (UvA)

On the way back to Hungary, I’ll stop over in Amsterdam to give a paper at this interesting workshop. The title of my paper is: “Worlding with the Metabolism: Or how to ‘put’ Japanese medications into Hungarian bodies?” I’m working on the same material for a Japanese publication and will re-visit some of the sites back in Hungary, so it is a really special occasion. And meeting with old friends, of course… 


Organic Metaphors in Technoscience

Time: Friday, September 16, 2016, 14:00-17:30
Place: University of Amsterdam, Department of Anthropology, B building, Room B5.12
Organisers: Atsuro Morita, Liv Nyland Krause and Wakana Suzuki
ABSTRACT: Recent discourses about innovation and management are full of organic metaphors. From innovation ecosystems to business incubation to digital ecology, terms from biological and ecological sciences are now widely used to denote practices and organizational processes of business and technoscience. This workshop aims to shed light on this trans-boundary displacement of organic notions by focusing on the intermingling of the semiotic and the material in technoscience. Organic metaphors of social processes have long history that stretches back to the early social organism theory in the 19th century and beyond. Anthropology has also paid attention to metaphors of body and organism in wide-ranging settings. This workshop tries to extend such classic interests further by focusing on material practices of making analogies between processes of life and other domains. From robotics and industrial district, many of recent organic metaphors aim not only to understand social processes by organic metaphors but also to create artifacts and social organizations functions like organisms. In other words, in these practices metaphors of life are taking material forms. By focusing on this performativity of such analogies, the papers of the workshop explore emerging intermingling of the mechanical and the organic, the imaginary and the material, and institutions and ecologies.

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